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Tunable diode lasers are ideal for optical spectroscopy because of their narrow linewidths, large tuning ranges and stable outputs. Because they are more compact and rugged than traditional spectroscopic optical sources, like Ti:Sapphire lasers, dye lasers, color-center lasers, hollow-cathode lamps, and nonlinear systems (e.g. optical parametric oscillators), they have enabled spectroscopic ... The current sense threshold on the LTC3873-5 is 95mV, so a current sense resistor of 63mOhms ensures a peak current of 1.5A. The above calculations have not accounted for the efficiency of the dc/dc converter, so a current sense resistor of approx. 80% of this value is a more realistic figure. The current from a cell is direct current. Diodes allow current to flow in one direction only. Exercise 1. Find in the text above the English equivalents of the follow-ing words and word combinations.