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3x3 aluminum fence post
Marlin 444 synthetic stock ... ent://SD_ILS/0/SD_ILS:484766 2020-11-18T17:03:26Z 2020-11-18T17:03:26Z by&#160;Tharek Abdul Rahman, 1955-<br/>Author&#160;Tharek Abdul Rahman, 1955-,&#160;Jafri Din ... how do I find the satellite frequency and symbol rate for directv satellite 101 zip code 95403? thank you for your help. Satellite Name: IS 7/10 LNB is: ON LNB LO Frequency: 9750 LNB HI Frequency: 10600 Frequency: 11170 Symbol Rate: 26652 FEC: 5/6 Polarization: Vertical