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Can you tell me the link if your fanfic "Lone Concert"? (sorry if it was already asked x€) Sep 25, 2017 · "OC" stands for "Original Character" — a non-canon character created by the fanfiction writer and inserted into the story. "OOC" means "Out-Of-Character" and refers to fanfiction writers making a canon character act in a way that feels contradictory to their canonical personality. First post my new ducktales oc hoot . So I drew my first ever ducktales oc his name is hoot I'll make a story for him later Hoot is my derpy boy I love him so much hope you like him too. Anyways imma head to bed gn enjoy my new oc hoot! 47. 4. Next Page . Comment :star: Sophia Cristalake-García :star: