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When Shabbat comes to an end on Saturday evening, a Havdalah ceremony is held to mark the occasion. A blessing is said over wine, a symbol of joy, then over sweet spices, to comfort the soul at ... Song. [Blessing over havdalah] C G Am G C G Em Baruch atah Ado-- elokeinu melech ha'olam Am G C Am G Am hamavdil bayn kodesh lechol bayn or lechoshech Am G C Am G Em bayn Yisrael...Birchot Havdalah: 2. Hal'luyah: 3. Ma Tovu: 4. Modim: 5. Set Me For A Seal: 6. Sh'ma Koleinu: 7. Shelter Of Peace (Hashkiveinu) 8. The Angels' Blessing: 9. The Hail Blessing: 10. The Promise: 11. The World Of Your Dreams (Andy's Bar Mitzvah Song) The Havdalah Ceremony Dividing the Sacred from the Mundane The content of the Havdalah ceremony forces us to contemplate the many ways that Shabbat is unique a…