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Dec 21, 2005 · (By default, the permissions for new files are set to read and write only.) The problem can easily be solved by using the chmod command with its 755 option (which will allow the file creator to read, write and execute the file) while in the same directory as that in which the file is located as follows: Adding both multiple excel files with multiple tabs, and having the schema change within each tab takes it to another level. If your tabs have the same Schema, the article you want to read is here . The way to accomplish the task if the tabs have (or may have) different schemas (field names change depending on sheet) is to use nested batch macros. 4. Redirection. The most basic form of input/output manipulation in BASH is Redirection.Redirection is used to change the data source or destination of a program's FDs. That way, you can send output to a file instead of the terminal, or have an application read from a file instead of from the keyboard. As Tim and Steve suggest/reply, much depends on the behavior you require. As I see there are several different behaviors. a) Multiple processors means multiple processes (programs) each with access to same file using one thread within process. b) One process running multiple threads, each thread sequentially reading records 1, 2, 3, ...