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Don't worry if you do not have a vent pipe in your house, or if it is blocked and you can't fix it. Instead of thinking about massive construction projects, you can use an Air Admittance Valve, well-known as a cheater vent. You may have heard that they are illegal and unreliable, but you shouldn't believe every rumor.Because of this, it generally won’t go up the vent pipe (which is a big component of your passive radon system) on its own. To draw the radon out of your home, you need to have a radon fan installed on the vent pipe inside of your attic in order to effectively reduce the radon levels in your home. Reason #2 A--2"re-vent.3'-6"above floor B--2"Vent, 6" Through Roof& 10" from cooler C--3"Cleanout 0--11/2"Waste Line E--SanitaryTee F--FittingDouble fixture G--CombinationWye & eighth Bend H--2"Clothes WasherTrap 6" to 10" above floor 1--2"Clothes Washer Standpipe J--1/1/2"Plumbing Vent 6" above Roof K--2"Cleanout L--SanitaryTee M--2"waste Line N--2 ... It keeps your sewer vent from freezing over in cold weather, which can cause sewer gas to enter your house,” says Dave Woodring, Clark, S. Dak. The frost-free sewer vent is designed to replace your existing sewer vent. It’s made of schedule 40 polyvinyl chloride and consists of 2 pieces of pipe with an air gap between them.