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Mar 23, 2012 · Finally, we select an output raster pathname. The new watershed raster will be added to the map. For area calculations and for later use to clip other datasets, we convert the watershed raster to a polygon using the Conversion Tools of the ArcToolbox (ArcToolbox > Conversion Tools > From Raster > Raster to Polygon). This is all for now. I have a raster layer (3 cm x 3 cm) and a vector layer with polygons and when I try to clip the raster by the polygon layer to have just the bare earth/ground regions ... Tsunami Propagation Models Based on First Principles. DTIC Science & Technology. 2012-11-21. geodesic lines from the epicenter shown in the figure are great circles with a longitudinal separation of 90o, which define a ‘ lune ’ that covers one...past which the waves begin to converge according to Model C.