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IC0654 - SAP GUI Scripting SAP Beginner's Tutorial: How to Open SAP GUI New Session or New Window Email newsletter...How to increase maximum number of SAP sessions per user? By Rahul Manoj Mahajan, John Deere India. Important Note: This document does not recommend to changing the defaults settings and hence not responsible for further consequences occurred due to change in default settings. SAP GUI 760 patch 05 gui760_05_2-80003144, SAP官方最新windows版本760GUI补丁, 补丁级别:05, 更新至2020年05月02日,欢迎下载 SAP GUI 750 patch 10 第10版补丁修补程序 To display the name of a field in the SAP GUI, perform the following steps within a SAP GUI window: Click into the desired field. Press F1 (Help). Click the button Technical Information (may be a text field or an icon with hammer and wrench). A new window will open. The "Screen field" there shows the internal field name.