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Jun 16, 2020 · Every stamp available. Height 2 mm. The price is for one part (not for a set). ... Details about A 2 mm Waffenamt WaA ..... Proof Stamp Punch k98 MG42 P08 P38 . 22 ... Hello. I currently have a CZJ Dienstglas 6x30 with Waffenamt code. I can certainly read WaA and the last number 2. The eagle is distinguishable and the wings are lowered.Description: This is a wartime production Fabrique Nationale pistol made for Nazi Germany in WWII This pistol has the Waffenamt 140 stamps on the slide and barrel and all serial numbers are matching. The finish has faded to a patina or been worn on the frame and slide with superficial pitting visible on the metal.