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UNIT 1 ▸▸ CAREERS. C What should you do to get ahead in your career? Choose the four most He added, "A huge number of employers have taken action against staff for writing negative Interviewer's comments A strong, charismatic personality. Very competitive. Not afraid to speak her...The basic commoner unit of the Pendor infantry, the Pendor Swordsman, is able to stand up to troops in its tier and perform its role well enough although like other units, it cannot hold against elite units such as Fierdsvain Huscarls and D'Shar Ghazi Dervishes. They play in active role in either shield infantry or two handed ones. Unlike many other archers, these men wear good armour, giving them protection against counter-fire, but they are vulnerable - like any archers - if unsupported when attacked by cavalry. Pharaoh's Bowmen are one of the best archer units in the game, with long range missiles, good armor, and fair melee abilities.